Code of Ethics

Ratigan Premium Companion Services for Seniors takes pride in upholding a stringent code of ethics. We provide premium quality companionship, always conforming to these standards:


1.      Truth. We will make accurate claims to our companions, use only competent testimonials, and strive to be open about all aspects of the products or services we offer.
2.      Honesty. We will uphold the principle of fair play and be vigilant against conduct which has the intent, capability, or effect of being deceptive towards our customers.
3.      Integrity. We shall not merely abide by the law in a technical way but will strive to serve our companions with honest values, avoiding all devices and schemes which prey on human ignorance or vulnerability.
4.      Transparency. We will provide our companions current, accurate and unfiltered information regarding our companion services.
5.      Self-Regulation. We will honor all commitments and guarantees, and seek to resolve any disputes in a fair and expeditious manner.
6.      Companion Services. We will serve our companions with honesty, integrity, candor, and objectivity. We will provide our services with competence, using reasonable care, skill and diligence consistent with the interests of our companion.
7.      Representation of Qualifications and Availability. We will only accept assignments for which we are qualified by our education, training and professional experience, and we will only make representations concerning our qualifications and availability which are truthful and accurate.
8.      Release of Information. We will only make statements that are truthful, and we will keep information and records confidential when appropriate and protect the privacy of our companions.
9.      Discrimination. We will not discriminate in the performance of our Services on the basis of race, religion, national origin, age, disability, gender or sexual orientation. We will not knowingly violate any law, statute, or regulation in the performance of our professional services.
10.    Professional Development. We will continue to develop our professional knowledge and competency as Companion Services Providers, and we will contribute to the advancement of the Companion Services profession by fostering research and education and through the encouragement of fellow practitioners.